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Air-raid sirens sounded in Norway: this is how Ukrainians talked about the war

Ukrainian youth organized a charity evening in the Norwegian city of Svarstad. Europeans heard about the realities of war from witnesses.

People from different countries came to the charity evening, says volunteer Maryna Janush. Volunteers spoke with foreigners about the war and its consequences for Ukraine.

Ukrainians in Norway held a charity evening / Photo by Maryna Janush

The sound of the siren was heard

The organizers of the evening asked the guests: "What sound, in your opinion, is the most popular in Ukraine now?". They answered that the songs "Stefaniya", "Shum" or the lyrics of "Elsa's Ocean".

Instead, organizers turned on the air-raid siren in the room and told that it is the sound that Ukrainians hear every day.

Telling about the war was not easy / Photo by Marina Janush

Ukrainians die every day

Volunteers talked about the innocent victims of an unjust war.

We showed videos and photos of killed civilians, bloodied children's toys, destroyed houses and human destinies, – says Marina Janusz.

They told about the numerous victims of the tragedy in the Kremenchuk shopping center that happened the day before.

We remind you that on June 27, 2022, a Russian missile hit the "Amstor" shopping center located in the city of Kremenchuk, Poltava region. As a result, at least 22 people died, and the shopping center was completely destroyed. Probably, the number of victims is not yet known.

The guests of the charity evening honored all the victims with a moment of silence.

However, they talked about not only sad things. Ukrainians told about their culture and traditions. And also about those who fight every day for the future of the state.

Guests also told about Ukrainian traditions / Photo by Maryna Janush

We told about our incredible military and infinitely brave volunteers and civilians, – Maryna says.

Blue and yellow auction

At the end of the evening was the charity auction, where guests bought Ukrainian souvenirs.

Guests bought Ukrainian souvenirs during the auction / Photo by Marina Janush

Guests happily participated in the auction: they bought T-shirts, socks, candies and cookies in yellow and blue colors. After all, these colors are really trending all over the world right now.

Organizers collected funds to support Ukrainians / Photo by Maryna Janush

As a result, foreigners donated 170 euros (over 5 thousand hryvnias) for the needs of Ukrainians.

Everyone can get Ukraine closer to victory. Help YouthFutureUA fulfill our mission, support the Ukrainian army and Ukrainians in need. You can make it here.



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