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If military personnel and their families need emotional support: "Women's Power of Ukraine" helps

The NGO "Public Movement "Women's Power of Ukraine" offers wives and mothers free help to cope with the emotional challenges of war. Find out how you can get support from specialists.

Main page of the site / Photo of the NGO "Women's Power of Ukraine Public Movement"

More about the organization

The public organization "Public Movement "Women's Power of Ukraine" has been supporting the families of defenders for 8 years. The NGO has been operating since 2014.

In the first days of the full-scale invasion, the team launched the project "Psychosocial Support Service for Military Families".

Here they help military personnel and their families:

  • cope with emotional challenges,

  • give recommendations on where to go and how to act in case of social issues.

The project is supported by

  • Armed Forces,

  • Department of Social and Humanitarian Support of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine,

  • National Guard of Ukraine.


"Service of psychosocial support for families of military personnel" has its own website

Phone numbers of the support service / Image of the NGO "Women's Power of Ukraine Public Movement"

Also, military personnel and their relatives can contact the free* telephone line at 0 800 332 720. The hotline can be contacted daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

*Calls from mobile operators within the territory of Ukraine are free.

You can also call the hotline from Poland at +48 226 022 512.

Military personnel and their relatives can call:

  • if they do not know how to establish contact with the military unit;

  • if there is a need to find out about benefits or social guarantees provided for the family of a serviceman;

  • if it is necessary to specify whom to contact with various questions regarding the service;

  • if necessary, clarification of rotation procedures, vacations, transfers, treatment and other matters of service;

  • when it is necessary to find out who to turn to, if a relative is at the front and there is no contact with him for a long time;

  • if there are suspicions or confirmation that a soldier has been captured, and the relatives do not know what to do in this situation;

  • if a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NSU, DPSU or his relatives need emotional support or long-term psychological support.

If a defender or his relatives need help, but it is inconvenient for them to communicate by phone, then you can write to Telegram @pidtrymkainua from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. The number of requests to any communication channel is unlimited.

In addition, the service offers online meetings for wives and mothers of military personnel.

How support groups work

Areas in which assistance is provided / Image of NGO "Women's Power of Ukraine Public Movement"

There are separate support groups for women and for mothers of defenders. Such meetings are accompanied by psychologists. To become a member of one of these groups, you need to fill out the form using the link. You can find more information about the initiative on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

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