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Our charitable foundation handed over a car to fighters from the Luhansk border guard detachment

We continue to help servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The defenders urgently needed a car to carry out their tasks.

CF "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" handed over a car to the defenders / Photo by YFUA

The "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" charity fund, together with volunteer Yury Stepanenko and the Ukrainian Action organization, collected funds for a car for our defenders who are currently fighting in the Eastern Front (Siverodonetsk, Bakhmut).

You have to know. The defenders we help are fighting in the Luhansk border guard detachment. It was about them that the film "Myrnyi-21" was filmed. Unfortunately, citizens and volunteers often know less about the needs of border guards, which is why they have worse support. Accordingly, they need increased assistance.

See more photos here:

Unfortunately, earlier the enemy destroyed more than one car that the boys had. Cars on the front lines are consumables, so there is always a need for them.

Therefore, the transferred Honda CR-V car will be useful for combat missions.

Watch the video report here:

War is a war to mutually help each other!, – emphasizes volunteer Yury Stepanenko.

In addition to the car, defenders were also given tactical medical equipment: CAT tourniquets. And also – washing powder, because our defenders are always in great need of such "expendables".

Another video with a car for fighters:

Tourniquets and washing powder were handed over to the soldiers:

We continue to help

Previously, we already provided the following assistance to defenders:


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