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"Painting - therapy of children's hearts": art therapy sessions are held for IDP children in Vinnyts

In Vinnytsia region, art therapy sessions were organized for children who were forced to leave their homes due to the horrors of war.

War is a test that can be compared to real hell. It brought fears and anxieties that were unknown to most people in a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, children suffer the most from the destructive effects of hostilities, because due to their age they are unable to understand the causes of such events. The main task of adults in such an unstable and dangerous time should be to take care of the psycho-emotional state of children. Art therapy, aimed at overcoming strong emotions and experiencing negative experiences that are difficult to express in words, helps to cope with this in the best possible way.

"Painting - Therapy of Children's Hearts" - a project by which the public association "Peak Art" seeks to help children of displaced persons (IDPs) currently living in Vinnytsia region to abstract and distract from the military events in Ukraine, as well as promote personal development and the visual thinking of the project participants.

"With this project we want to help the children of IDPs who currently live in the village of Busha, Vinnytsia region and in Vinnytsia, through painting, cope with possible psychological traumas associated with a sharp change in lifestyle, help make new acquaintances, make friends. and learn new drawing skills. "

IDP children cope with painting

with possible psychological trauma associated with a sudden change in lifestyle. A team of creative and caring people helps to make new acquaintances, find friends and acquire drawing skills.

"The healing power of art is a fact! Through drawing, color, creativity, children convey their hidden emotions and experiences. Thanks to paints, children emerge, reveal themselves, splash out all the emotions. "

The children's works will be sold through an auction, and the proceeds will be donated to the rehabilitation of children affected by Russia's military invasion of Ukraine.

According to the organizers, the project will last until August inclusive. There are still vacancies for groups in Vinnytsia in July and August.

Due to the limited number of participants in one group (maximum 8 people), registration is required. After registration, the union administrator will contact you to confirm your participation.

IDP registration form for school-age children: ________

The project "Painting - Therapy of Children's Hearts" is implemented by the public association "Peak Art" with the support of the Foundation "MHP-Community" and MegaSmak

Project manager: Tatiana Turchenkova

Artist mentor in Bush: Yuri Kizimov (junior)

Project curator: Masha Kosyukhno

Photo: Alexey Starinkov


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