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Ukrainian journalists are offered to spend 3 months in Vienna: how to apply for a scholarship

Journalists from Ukraine, the EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey have the opportunity to work on their own project in Vienna for 3 months.

This was reported by the House of Europe resource. The scholarship is offered by the Institute for Humanities Studies Vienna (IWM) together with the ERSTE Foundation and Project Syndicate.

Professional Ukrainian journalists are invited to compete for a scholarship / Unsplash photo

What are they offering?

  • a monthly stipend of 3,000 euros,

  • convenient place to work,

  • access to all resources of the Institute.

What has to be done

The scholarship is offered to journalists who are ready to dedicate 3 months to work on their own book, article, film, podcast, TV show or radio program.

The theme of the projects is mainly cultural, but the word "culture" in this project has a broad meaning and covers a large number of intellectual and artistic fields.

Who can apply for the project

  1. Journalists who have been working in the media for many years and have outstanding professional experience.

  2. Those who work in television, radio, print or online.

  3. Those who have an idea for a cultural or social media project.

Documents required for participation:

  • CV

  • Description of the project idea – up to 7500 characters

  • List of publications

Applications can be submitted until January 9, 2023. You can find all the necessary links and more information about the project at the link.

The authors of the project call for spreading this opportunity among colleagues from the EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Applications must be submitted in English.


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