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Ukrainians will be able to enter German universities with a simplified program

It is not necessary to have a certificate of complete secondary education to become a student now.

The publication of Inkorr informs about the changes in the admission rules. Ukrainian refugees will have special simplified entry conditions.

What has changed?

Citizens of Ukraine, who left the country because of Russian aggression, now do not have to have a certificate of complete secondary education. This decision was taken by the Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture of the Federal States of Germany.

German universities made an exception for Ukrainian refugees / Unsplash photo

For whom the changes are relevant

  • the innovation applies to those who are forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the war,

  • those who studied at school for the last year, but could not pass the exams and get a certificate, will be able to enroll under the simplified program,

  • in addition, the new rules apply to first-year students: persons who studied for the first year of a Ukrainian university and could not finish it.

The changes will affect some categories of Ukrainians / Unsplash photo

What about admission to German universities

According to the general rules, you can enter universities only with an Abitur. It is issued upon completion of school or college studies. Such training lasts 12 – 13 years.

So, Ukrainian students have to make up for the missing years. After all, in Ukraine, kids go to school for 12 years.

This usually happens according to the following schemes:

  • young people study at a Ukrainian university for a year, and only after that they get the right to enter a German university,

  • prospective students enter a pre-university college in Germany, where they also study for a year.

Because of the war, the entry rules for some categories of Ukrainian refugees were simplified. Now Ukrainian first-year students can enroll in German universities and colleges without compensation for a whole year.

And those who studied in the final class, but did not receive a certificate of completion of education, will be able to submit documents to colleges of pre-university training.

Before entering, many applicants study at pre-university colleges / Photo by Unsplash

College of pre-university preparation is preparatory courses for applicants from countries outside the EU. Such courses help young people get used to the German education system and improve their knowledge of the German language.

In total, there are about 30 such colleges in the country. You can view their list here.

How is the introduction

Usually, German universities do not have traditional entrance exams. However, prospective students must know German (or English if they are enrolled in an English-language programs).

Admission to pre-university colleges is based on the results of an entrance exam in German or a specialized subject. Usually you need to know German at the B1 level.

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