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Volunteers visited Sofiyivka in Kherson region and brought aid to people who survived the occupation

We continue to help the Ukrainian military, as well as civilians who suffered from the war.

They visited the residents of Sofiivka / YFUA photo

The charity fund "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" together with volunteer Yuriy Stepanenko visited the Kherson region.

About 200 people live in Sofiyivka

One of the points where the volunteers went was the village of Sofiyivka, located at the mouth of the Dnieper. Currently, about 200 people live there. Sofiivka was released from occupation.

Bomb shelter in the village / Photo by YFUA

More photos from the trip to Sofiyivka / UFUA photo:

Clothes and hygiene products were handed over

Together with colleagues, they handed over clothes, necessary things, hygiene products, diapers and baby food to the residents of Sofiyivka. With the support of Henkel, detergents and laundry products were also handed over.

Residents of Sofiyivka received help / YFUA photo (scroll through the gallery)

Our friend Yuriy Stepanenko is collecting funds for Starlink for the military, as well as for a drone for the aerial reconnaissance defenders who fight in the Beryslav direction. You can join the collection here:


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