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On February 24, 2022, Russia continued to oppress the Ukrainian people with a large-scale military invasion. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians became victims or wounded, millions were forced to flee their homes and flee poverty and devastation. Particular damage was inflicted on the Ukrainian youth who fell into the trap of war while fleeing, hiding, defending their homeland, or suffering from temporary occupation.

... We have lost our present, but we will not give up and rebuild our future.


YouthFutureUA/Майбутнє Молоді України is a charitable foundation, as well as a program of youth activities, which is united by the solidarity of the struggle for democratic and universal humanist values. The main target audience and area of ​​interest of the YouthFutureUA program is Ukrainian youth. Therefore, YouthFutureUA directs its efforts to support and solve the problems of Ukrainian youth through philanthropy, networking and informing about the problems of the Russian war in Ukraine.

YouthFutureUA works as:  

  • Information and communication resource, telling about pro-Ukrainian initiatives, communities and projects, as well as connecting those that provide and seek support ( information component );  

  • Implements its own thematic projects ( project component );  

  • Redirects charitable donations and resources to address the needs of target groups ( charitable component ).

The YouthFutureUA program and fund was founded by the Non-governmental Organization "Pangeya Ultima Development Center" (, the target audience of which has traditionally been young people. It became a response to the new needs of young people after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. YouthFutureUA provides information, inspires, creates youth networks in new conditions, provides financial support, and also implements activities with the participation of volunteers and partners of the program in Ukraine and in those countries where Ukrainians have gone to build their future.


ChF "YouthFutureUA" /

Майбутнє Молоді України
USREOU 44756846

+38 (097) 6402756 (Telegram)

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