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500 free places to study IT professions: how to get

Ukrainians are offered free courses on the Coursera platform and receive a certificate from Google.

Ukrainians can choose one of six courses on the electronic platform and study for free. This is reported by the Prometheus platform.

Fill out an application and take free courses / Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

What will you get?

  • free access to one of six educational programs on the Coursera platform;

  • two of the six programs are available in Ukrainian: "Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce" and "IT Support";

  • four programs are in English: "Cyber Security", "Data Analytics", "Project Management", "UX Design";

  • support of experienced mentors;

  • certificate after successful graduation.

How to apply

You can apply via the link. Deadline: March 31, 2024.


The average cost of a Coursera subscription to complete such programs is $300. However, Ukrainians are given the opportunity to study for free – to support those who have lost jobs or livelihoods due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. A total of 2,500 Ukrainian men and women will be able to complete the training.



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