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A charity concert of solidarity for Bremen was held

And so, the first experience of holding a hybrid concert for the audience gathered by our partners in the city of Bremen was extremely successful!

First, it was an unforgettable evening of strong emotions, full of empathic feelings of support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people at this difficult time. And secondly, it was like a breath of fresh air for the organizers and musicians from the Ukrainian side, because such events are currently lacking in Ukraine. We have proved that culture and art can serve our struggle for freedom! After all, this concert allowed us to actualize the problems of the war in Ukraine in the eyes of the Bremen audience and allowed us to tell about the lives of ordinary Ukrainian volunteers and activists.

Our partner in Bremen, the youth organization NaturKultur e.V., did its best for the good result of the event. The program included other performances, in addition to the digital performance of the duo from Vinnytsia "Zhenya and Katya". There was even an accordion and a Ukrainian national anthem performed by our European Solidarity Corps volunteer Juliusz Meyer! And some of the Pangeya Ultima activists were present at the event in person and represented the organization and program YouthFutureUA.

We were also able to raise charitable funds in the amount of 1,400 Euros! All these resources will be spent on the stated goals: support of hospitals with medicines, production of bulletproof vests, as well as to support the information work of the YouthFutureUA program.

We are grateful for the partnership, support and solidarity with Ukrainians shown by our European friends. We are grateful for the partnership and integral role in the success of this event of the duo "Zhenya and Katya", Art Pub "Beer and Blues", videographer Dmitry Dankevich, technical supply of events "Sound +".

We continue to fight, but we are convinced that good will defeat evil!


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