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A hub for refugees from Luhansk region was opened in Vinnytsia: what free services are offered

More than 6,000 immigrants from the Luhansk region currently live in Vinnytsia region. They are offered free services in the newly created "Luhanshchyna moya" hub.

"Suspilne" informs about the opening of the humanitarian hub. The work of the hub is managed by the Rubizhan City Military Administration.

What services are offered in the hub

For internally displaced persons from Luhansk Region, free of charge:

  • aid,

  • psychological consultations,

  • legal consultations.

IDPs from the Luhansk region can also receive free food kits and hygiene products.

The headquarters provides free humanitarian aid to displaced people from Luhansk region / Photo "Suspilne"

Such hubs are opening all over Ukraine

Serhii Gaidai, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, claims that more than 300,000 residents left Luhansk region as a result of the war unleashed by Russia.

To help displaced people, similar headquarters are created in each region.

6,200 immigrants from Luhansk region currently live in Vinnytsia region. About 3,000 of them are in Vinnytsia city.

Currently, the humanitarian headquarters provides assistance in the regional center and nearby areas. Soon, 2 minibuses should appear at the disposal of volunteers – then humanitarian aid will begin to be delivered to more remote communities.

People who living in remote communities will receive targeted humanitarian assistance.

How to find the "Luhanshchyna moya" headquarters

  • Address: Vinnytsia city, Maksymovicha street, 43-b

  • Phone: 098 174 95 50

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