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An educational chatbot has started working in Ukraine: it will help in finding information

EducationUaBot was developed by a team of the Ministry of Education and Science with the support of Switzerland in partnership with the Swiss-Ukrainian project DECIDE

The Decentralization for Improved Democratic Education (DECIDE) aims at providing support to the state and local authorities in the establishment of effective, transparent and participatory systems of education management on regional, sub-regional and ATCs level in targeted regions. The project development goal is defined as follows: “Citizens of amalgamated territorial communities contribute to and benefit equally from democratic governance and high quality education”.

In the chatbot EducationUaBot you can find the necessary information about:

  • search for a kindergarten, school or college abroad;

  • online learning in Ukraine;

  • restoration of personal documents on education;

  • Continuation of teaching and work during the war.

In addition, with the help of a chatbot you can learn about returning to school, regardless of location.



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