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Antalepte (Lithuania): another charity concert of solidarity was held

"Support Ukraine" and "Stand with Ukraine" - under these slogans once again gathered a team of active and caring people fighting on the cultural front to help the victims of war and peaceful skies across Europe!

On June 19, with the assistance of our partners of the Innovator's Valley Youth Association, the FIFTH charity hybrid concert was held to raise funds for the urgent needs of Ukrainians during the war. This time the event was organized in the town of Antalepte, in the county of Utena in northern Lithuania. The citizens of this country have once again shown solidarity with our state. We, Ukrainians, are sincerely grateful to everyone who helps to fight the aggressor in all available, and sometimes really fantastic (History with Bayraktar will live forever !!!) ways. You are incredible!

We thank our partners for organizing such a warm and cozy atmosphere during the broadcast of the online concert. The evening was filled with empathy and empathy. Music has united so many hearts around a common calamity - the war in Europe. With millions of tragic stories and huge support from around the world.

The sensual performance of the duo "Zhenya and Katya" against the background of the yellow and blue flag touches the heart - they sing despite the pain of their own people. Rejecting tears and feelings, they skillfully deduce every note, every chord, because #Be_brave_like_Ukraine

In the offline part there was a youth exchange with the participation of Ukrainian volunteers, where they had the opportunity to communicate and present areas of work of YouthFutureUA

We are grateful for the partnership, support and solidarity with Ukrainians shown by our European friends.

We are grateful for the partnership and integral role in the success of this event to the romantic duo "Zhenya and Katya" and their sensual performance, Art Pub "Beer and Blues", master videographer Dmitry Dankevich, technical support of events "Sound +" "Sound +" and our new presenter Nastya Martyniuk, who once again called for support for Ukraine, every vote is a powerful weapon in the international arena and together we will win!

Ukraine is struggling with absolute evil, thank you for helping it survive.

We sincerely believe and are sure that there will be more than one concert under peaceful skies, but we are still working and approaching victory.


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