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Come to the meeting of YouthFutureUA volunteers in Vinnytsia

The YouthFutureUA team announces the meeting of volunteers!

  • When? On Tuesday, July 19, at 6:30 p.m.

  • Where? City of Vinnytsia, Beer & Blues pub, address: str. 600th anniversary, 60.

  • Entrance to the meeting is free (BUT YOU HAVE TO OBLIGATORY REGISTER HERE), we will also treat you with goodies and entertain you with a performance by the duet "Zhenya and Katya".

  • If you cannot come, fill out the volunteer questionnaire or join the meeting online.

Join volunteer meetings online or offline / YouthFutureUA poster

Together we are stronger. The YouthFutureUA team wants to unite the efforts of volunteers and caring people and create a strong, independent team that will jointly help victims of war, soldiers and all Ukrainians who need it.

Who are we?

  • We are the YouthFutureUA youth project. We collect and post useful information, tell the stories of Ukrainians who faced the realities of war.

  • We hold charity online concerts. We have already held 5 concerts for audiences in various European countries. During the concerts, we collect charity aid for Ukrainians who suffered from the war.

During charity concerts, we collect funds and tell foreigners about Ukraine / Photo by YouthFutureUA

  • We are also collecting donations to support the army and the displaced people. We collected funds and handed over 20 body armor, plate carriers, hemostatic bandages and nasopharyngeal tubes, occlusive dressings, etc. to the front line.

The YouthFutureUA team supports Ukrainians and our army / Photo by YouthFutureUA

The mission of YouthFutureUA is to talk about pro-Ukrainian initiatives, communities and projects; connect subjects who need help or are ready to provide it; create own projects that help Ukraine and Ukrainians; redirect resources to solve the problems of target groups.

Who should join us?

  • If you are interested in volunteering*, you want to join an active team.

  • If you create your own projects and are looking for a team of like-minded people.

  • If you are ready to help Ukraine and Ukrainians, direct your time and energy to the benefit of those who need help.

  • If you dream of finding friends, interesting communication and having a great time. Come to find people like you!

At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet the founders of the YouthFutureUA project, hold a creative brainstorm and together come up with ways to help Ukrainians.

*The development of the YouthFutureUA volunteer community is supported by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting which implements the project "Civil Society for Democratization" with the assistance of the European Union. We started cooperation with this institute in 2022.

I'm not in Vinnytsia, can I join?

  • Yes of course! Fill out the form and join our volunteer network.

  • We also offer to join the meetings online using the link.

We invite you to the concert!

Zhenya and Katya will play for the audience from North Macedonia / YouthFutureUA poster

After the meeting, a charity concert by the band "Zhenya and Katya" will take place in the pub. The band will perform for the audience in North Macedonia.

Residents of Vinnytsia can come to the Beer & Blues pub (we remind you, its address is: 600 600-rechche str., 60) and listen to a live concert. Start at 20:00. Join offline or online!

During the concert, we will collect funds for:

  • Financing the production of self-made body armor for the Ukrainian military.

  • Procurement of medicines for field hospitals and military units of the Armed Forces.

Everyone can get Ukraine closer to victory. Help YouthFutureUA fulfill our mission, support the Ukrainian army and Ukrainians in need. Even small amounts are important. You can make it here.



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