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Dinners of 'Living solidarity'

Dinners are attended by Ukrainians and Berliners and they exchange recipes, ideas, needs, knowledge and suggestions. This is the moment when you can initiate something together and start implementing it.

diner, Ukraine, Berlin
Вечері солідарності, Берлін

People come here, some of them have just arrived in Berlin, exhausted, overshadowed and at the same time open to communication, listening and sharing. As well as people from our networks who often feel helpless and seek to share experiences, contacts for themselves or their guests. And here again, people who have moored here, who have found a family from MOOS, who want to participate. And people who want to create new structures in their daily lives as soon as possible and who, above all, want to contribute their talents and thus become part of the new community that we want to launch together.

The Moos is beautifully situated at Treptower Park in the former bathtub factory Moosdorf & Hochhäusler (first swing bathtub in the world). We still don't know what it is, but there are beings who work, think, live, hang out, let themselves go, are spontaneous, drink coffee, develop projects and much more here. Maybe we'll think of more about the "about" in the future - just drop by and make your own picture!!!

Meetings usually take place every Thursday, when we plan to cook and eat together again, for example Borsch. We always have entertainment such as a children's circus, music, getting acquainted, professional exchange, in which we can all participate. Interested people, listeners, assistants come here. We look forward to your ideas and activities at the "Evenings of Living Solidarity" in MOOS.

Berlin, Germany Moosdorfstrasse 7-9 (in the yard) Thursday after 16:00


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