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Help IDPs: donate things through the "Rechi Support" service

In Ukraine, there is a service that helps to share things with internally displaced persons who are starting life from scratch in new places.

The "Rechi Suport" service connects people who can share things with those who need things.

Importantly! This service does not have a warehouse, things must be sent immediately to those to whom they are intended.

Rechi Suport item exchange service / Image from the website

How it works:

  1. First, they accept a request from an IDP.

  2. Further, all requests are carefully verified.

  3. The request is entered into the database.

  4. Some needs are published on Instagram (but not all).

  5. Most of the needs are covered by things offered by donors (indicated in the questionnaires).

  6. The last stage – the donor of things is connected with a family that needs things.

  7. To donate things, you need to fill out a form.

What is needed

All sizes of clothes and shoes for adults and children are always needed. Families are also asking for food kits and hygiene products.

You can help not only people, but also pets / Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Donors are also asked to help not only people. Pets that left their homes with people also need a decent standard of living. Fluffy animals can be helped with food, filler, medication, parasite treatments, carriers, trays, etc.

Importantly! Clothes and other things should be sent only in good condition, such as you would like to use yourself. Only new underwear and socks. Bed linen – neat, without "rolls".

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