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Household appliances for hostels in Kharkiv: how the EU supports displaced people

More than 1,000 IDPs living in Kharkiv received household equipment from the European Union.

EU Neighbours East informs about the support program for IDPs in Kharkiv

Photo by Dmytro Zubkov / Kharkiv Oblast Administrations

Assistance was provided by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The settlers received more than 270 pieces of equipment: stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, water heaters, washing machines, electric kettles.

All this assistance was provided to 4 universities where more than 1,000 internally displaced persons live.

They created "points of disobedience"

In addition to helping with household appliances, the EU also supported Ukrainians during the blackout due to Russian shelling.

The UNDP and the EU put 18 generators at the so-called "points of disobedience". Points of insubordination have become special shelters, where there are all the necessary services for people. Educational institutions also received generators.

In addition, 8 Starlink stations were transferred to ensure uninterrupted Internet connectivity.

Appliances and household appliances were purchased and delivered within the framework of the United Nations Program for Reconstruction and Peacebuilding and with the financial support of the European Union.


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