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How to help the Offensive Guard: we are collecting funds for "Chervona Kalyna"

The formation of the Offensive Guard brigades has been ongoing since February. It is assumed that these forces will take part in offensive operations during the liberation of the occupied territories.

Fundraise here: MONOBANK Other ways (Privat bank, PayPal)

Now units are being actively formed and they need to be provided with everything necessary. The state cannot supply all the critically needed equipment: that is why volunteers and ordinary Ukrainians must help here.

BF "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" handed over a thermal imager to the soldiers / Photo by YFUA

What fighters need

It is important to help not only with equipment and tactical means. There are truly critical needs: generators, thermal imagers, drones.

Today, the BF "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" has set itself a goal: to comprehensively help for soldiers from the "Chervona Kalyna" brigade – to close the maximum number of necessary positions.

We have already handed over a drone, a thermal imager, tactical medicine, heating, but this is not enough.

The offensive company needs:

  • tactical medical devices;

  • Starlink communication stations;

  • thermal imagers;

  • generators and radio stations;

  • another reconnaissance drone.

How to help

We are announcing a fundraiser for the "Chervona Kalyna" brigade.

You can send a donation here:

  • MONOBANK account of our colleague Yuriy Stepanenko.

  • According to the DETAILS of our BF

  • PayPal: (EUR, USD)

  • 4149609012680130 – Privatbank card of our colleague Yury Stepanenko.

All possible ways to send funds can be found at the link.

Here you will find a photo with the defenders from "Chervona Kalyna"


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