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KyivPride and Warsaw Pride will unite and hold a joint march for peace and freedom of Ukraine

KyivPride and Warsaw Pride will hold a joint march for peace and freedom of Ukraine and against Russian aggression. The march will take place on June 25 in Warsaw.

As the tenth anniversary March of Equality in Kyiv cannot take place in the usual format, LGBT + Ukrainians unite with the Warsaw community. Many of them have been defending our country on all fronts since 2014. They all want one goal - a free and peaceful Ukraine. Together they will take part in the march against war, for freedom and human rights.

"Russia is taking away our homes, our families, our friends and our loved ones, but it will never take away our freedom, our visibility and our right to vote. We will not go out on June 25 to celebrate. We appeal to the whole world: help Ukraine win! Help the Ukrainian people to live freely on their land! ” - said Lenny Emson, director of KyivPride.

The organizers expect about 80,000 participants. They called on the community, LGBT + organizations and people around the world to join the march in Warsaw and stand with us against aggression, for freedom and peace.

"For us at Warsaw Pride, community is about protecting others. We give space to voices that need to sound louder. The community is to go hand in hand for the security and freedom of those from whom it was taken. We are proud to join KyivPride in their march for the victory of Ukraine! ” - shared Julia Machiocha, President of the Warsaw Pride.

For more information, please contact or +380951323812.


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