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Learn how to code for free: the IT platform has opened its courses to Ukrainians

Did you know that you can learn various IT professions or learn programming languages for absolutely free? The Ukrainian resource IT Video Developers Network (ITVDN) has opened its courses for those who want to develop and earn money.

The founders of the ITVDN platform explain how their charity initiative works, who it's available to study, how to register and what courses you can find.

If you have dreamed of IT for a long time – take advantage of the opportunity / Image from the ITVDN website

Who is this opportunity for?

From March 6, 2022, the ITVDN platform provides Ukrainians with free access to all its courses.

This is done so that everyone who needs it can acquire a new specialty and master a new profession. You can find all the details at the link.

"We want to help everyone who is currently unemployed to get acquainted with programming and modern technologies. Currently, more than 50 thousand people are learning for free on ITVDN", – say the authors of the ITVDN platform.

Pay attention! You need to register on the platform to confirm that you are Ukrainian.

Simple steps to start your journey in IT / Image from the ITVDN website

The ITVDN resource not only offers learning materials, but also testing, course completion certificates, webinars and community access.

What courses are available

On the website you can find the following comprehensive training programs:

  • Java

  • С#

  • NET

  • FrontEnd

  • Python

  • Node.js

  • Ruby&Rails

  • ASP.NE

  • MVC

  • PHP

  • Unity Game Dev.

  • C++

  • mobile development for Android, iOS

  • testing

  • etc.

The ITVDN team strives to give Ukrainians opportunities for development / Image from the ITVDN website

Learn more about ITVDN. This platform is the largest educational online resource for programmers in Ukraine. The purpose of ITVDN is to teach programming languages and information technologies. Here you will find courses on web development, design, software development and even complex software systems.

Learn on YouTube

The developers of the platform have their own CodeUA YouTube channel. Here you will also find free IT courses and webinars. There are starter courses in Java, C#, HTML5 & CSS3 and Python, Git & GitLab.

Bonus: learn English too

On the YouTube channel, users can also join English language courses (developed in partnership with the English language school Englishdom). Everything is at the link.

How to get into IT and get your first job: Watch the video on ITVDN



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