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Music unites: how German volunteer Juliusz Meyer helps raise funds for Ukraine

Ukrainian folk songs on the streets of Leipzig?

Surprising, but real. Especially now that Ukraine is experiencing the most tragic events in its history since the restoration of Independence. Millions of women and children have been forced to flee their homes by destroying Ukrainian cities with rocket fire, bombs, hail, and cold-blooded Russians who shoot unarmed civilians and brutally abuse even infants.

Ukrainians have been holding back the Russian invasion for 8 years since the invasion of eastern Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimean peninsula. On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, but now the whole world supports Ukraine in the struggle for democracy and freedom, in the struggle for the future not only of Ukraine but of the whole of Europe.

Today, any support and assistance is more important than ever to survive, liberate their territories from occupation and save as many people as possible.

Juliusz Meyer, a volunteer of the European Solidarity Corps from the partner organization NaturKultur, Germany, was one of those who cared about other people's troubles. For the last 5 months until February 24, the young man was on the project of non-formal education and sustainable development platform "Eco-Center Wall" and lived in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, but due to horrific events he was forced to stop his activities and return home to Leipzig and even Thousands of kilometers from the war, Juliusz found a way to help the victims and bring Ukrainian culture to the world.

In this photo, Juliusz is still in Vinnytsia, not knowing that he will soon be forced to leave Ukraine

"When the attack on Ukraine started, I wanted to do something to help Ukraine. I didn't have to think long, because for many years I was engaged in activities that brought me income and I donated money. This activity is playing music on the street and my instrument - accordion In addition, all my favorite compositions on the accordion are Ukrainian folk songs.

Juliusz's parents brought up the young man in his love for Slavic culture from an early age, organizing many thematic projects. At first, the boy got acquainted with Polish folk art, because his father is from Poland, Juliusz studied many folk songs since childhood. Later he discovered Ukrainian traditions, especially music. When the future volunteer was still a teenager, his mother taught him to play the accordion and since then he began to perform his favorite songs.

How beautiful: Ukrainian folk music sounds through the streets of Leipzig and encourages people to make a donation to Ukraine. And sacrifice well. A few days later I even put a sign in front of me with the description "Donations for Ukraine", and then a man approached me who recognized the song "Deceived" and after I told him that exactly this money will be used, he gave me 50 euro.

The funds raised during street concerts were used by Juliusz to purchase vital medicines for Ukraine. And once they even managed to assemble a drone, which was used for reconnaissance by territorial defense volunteers.

Undoubtedly, another advantage of this activity is that Ukrainian culture is becoming more famous. "Oh, on the mountain, and the reapers are reaping", "The Cossacks got up at dawn" or "Marusya once, twice, three times!" - these are such beautiful songs and they show the beauty of Ukrainian folklore. Now it is very important to show the world that Ukraine is more than a war and I am glad that I can spread this message through music. "

"Ukraine is more than war." - It seems to be one of the best appeals to the world today. And what young people abroad say is very important. Ukraine will definitely win and the music will be played under a peaceful sky.

Thanks to everyone who


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