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Prostitution: how to recognize recruitment methods and where to turn if you are already in captivity

Human trafficking is not a myth, it is a reality! Because of Russia's war against Ukraine, the risks of falling into the trap of human traffickers and, in particular, becoming a victim of sexual slavery are increasing.

Infographic: Eastern interregional administration of the State Service of Ukraine on labor issues

Although cases of human trafficking are difficult to identify during mass movements of people, preliminary reports inside and outside of Ukraine suggest that traffickers are preparing to take advantage of the vulnerability of those forced to leave Ukraine. Increasing cases of family separation, unaccompanied or separated children, and the likelihood of conflict-related sexual violence. All of these pose serious protection risks related to human trafficking. Loss of work and income as a result of the war, limited opportunities to provide the main needs of internally displaced persons, refugees, and the population affected by the war in general will lead to an increase in risks. - It is noted on the website of the International Organization for Migration.

"How I was recruited into a prostitute..."

Be careful with people who offer housing or work. You can fall into the trap of human traffickers abroad and within your own country. The story of recruitment into prostitution right on the territory of Ukraine. Further, from the words of the author Julia Lysenko, who agreed to publish her experience in order to protect other women.

Stop sexual exploitation / Photo from the Internet

...I'm writing again in the basement. I've lost count of days, it's still February for me. I want to warn girls, women about the dangers.

In Lviv, I was recruited as a prostitute. How did I understand it? A woman approached me at the bus stop. Non-local and definitely not Ukrainian. She said she was from Kyiv, but she didn't know her way around the districts, streets, and bus stops. Lamano spoke Ukrainian with the characteristic sound "г" instead of the Ukrainian letter "г" in words, and during the conversation she relaxed so much that she completely switched to Russian. She did not orientate herself in mobile operators in Ukraine. She offered me a job as a nurse without medical education in Poznań. With particular interest, she asked if I had very visible scars on my body. So why do you know this at the first meeting? How do visible scars on the body affect the quality of a nurse's work? And the most interesting thing. According to her, the main thing in the work of a nurse in Poland is a white coat, and a diploma is not required. Eh. So I believed.

- You don't need to get injections at this job, the main thing is to smile and wear a white coat. you are beautiful You will succeed...

So how is it without profanity? As a psychologist, I read her non-verbals and analyzed the construction of sentences, the choice of words. Lies, manipulation, fear of splitting up, insecurity in what is said, total illiteracy... The fringes of society are trying to gain trust and find out as much personal information as possible. Where do you live, with whom, do you have relatives, what are your family relationships, do you have savings... Now many women and girls find themselves in a vulnerable situation: forced relocation, crossing borders, adaptation to a new city/village, country.

Ladies and girls, please take care. Analyze, think critically, trust your own feelings. Trust only verified people!!! - The author adds.

CONTACTS for Ukrainian women and girls who are in a situation of sexual exploitation or have such a risk (specialized lines)


Республіка Польща:

Республіка Молдова:


Словацька Республіка:





Хорватія :




Іспанія :

Великобританія :

Швеція :


The contacts were collected by the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) and Anna Zobnina

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