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Solidarity concert for Girifalco (Italy)

Today, our friends in Europe are showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people in this struggle for the values of freedom and good. And not in words, but in deeds! Tomorrow, on the first day of summer, the YouthFutureUA project together with friends and partners from Italy will hold the FOURTH charity hybrid concert to raise funds for the urgent needs of Ukrainians in wartime. This time our partner is the Connecting Europe Youth Association from Girifalco, Italy.

The goals of the concert are to unite guests and volunteers around the problem of war in Ukraine, support youth activities of Ukrainians in response to the challenges of war, as well as creating a cultural bridge between locations where music and information programs: Beer & Blues Art-Pub (Vinnytsia, Ukraine) and the cultural space Borg/@rte in Girifalko on June 1, 2022, where the partner will gather participants for an offline event. Other performances by local artists and musicians will take place in the offline part, all to attract more interest and the opportunity to collect more donations. We will also be streaming our live concert on Youtube and so everyone else will be able to join the performance we are organizing for the community in Girifalco. We are waiting for you at the link on June 1 at 20:00 (Ukrainian time) for our hour-long speech (attention: working language - English!):

The evening will be full of communication, presentation of the directions of YouthFutureUA, acquaintance of volunteers, as well as, of course, a wonderful musical performance. On the Ukrainian side, the most romantic duo of Ukraine "Zhenya and Katya" will perform in digital format, and offline in Girifalko our friends from Connecting Europe will complement the cultural program with musical performances and other activities, communication with Ukrainian refugees and others involved.

This hybrid concert is a charity one. All funds raised by the Italian partner, or sent to us separately during the stream, will be donated to Pangea Ultima to implement the goals of the YouthFutureUA program, namely:

  • Financing the production of homemade body armor for the Ukrainian military;

  • Purchase of medicines for hospitals and other consumables;

  • Support for internally displaced persons and the purchase of resources for humanitarian needs for those in need in the frontline and occupied territories;

  • Support of information work of the program.

We are grateful to all the organizers and partners of the event: Connecting Europe Association (Girifalco, Italy), Development center Pangeya Ultima, Technical provision of the events Sound+ (Vinnytsia), Photographer Dmytro Dankenych, "Zhenia and Katia" duo, Beer & Blues Art-Pub (Vnnytysia).


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