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We support Ukrainian defenders

Recently, our team YouthFutureUA handed over the necessary things to the forefront, for our Ukrainian defenders. Namely: 20 bulletproof vests, with our funded plate carriers, tactical medicine (hemostatic bandages and nasopharyngeal tubes). We hope that these things will be able to save the health or life of those who risk it, protecting the peaceful sky above the heads of not only Ukrainians but also Europeans.

We are grateful to those who supported us during this difficult time, namely:

- NGO NaturKultur e.V. (Bremen): 1442 Euro;

- Local association Connecting Europe NGO (Girifalco): 105 Euro;

- Josephine Jean (okpal crowdfunding): 456.25 Euro.

Let us not forget that among the Ukrainian soldiers who repel the invasion of the horde, there are many young people who have voluntarily or due to civic debt left their homes, families, jobs and habitual life. They believe and strive for a better future for the Ukrainian people.



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