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While you have a time: take an online basic military training course

A course on basic knowledge of military affairs has appeared on the Prometheus platform. Of course, it does not replace practical classes in training centers. However, it complements and helps to learn the necessary amount of knowledge, for which there is often not enough time.

About the course

It contains proven knowledge and advice from experts who have defended Ukraine since 2014 and until today.

"Having passed it, you will train and perform combat tasks faster and more coherently. This is important, because your training significantly increases the chances of survival - yours, as well as your brothers and sisters", – they say on the Prometheus platform.

You can return to the course at any time and review parts of it to refresh your knowledge.

The course will complement practical knowledge and skills and is useful for many Ukrainians / Photo by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Who is this course for?

  • for the first time mobilized,

  • for servicemen without practical experience,

  • for military personnel who want to update and supplement their knowledge,

  • for those subject to mobilization.

Course program

  1. General training

  2. Living conditions

  3. Tactical training

  4. Tactical medicine

  5. Communication on the battlefield

  6. Orientation

  7. Types of weapons

  8. Aerial reconnaissance

  9. Sapper business

  10. Psychological preparation

In total, the program will take about 13 hours. All materials are available immediately, so you can complete the entire course or specific sections at your own time and pace.

The course is located here. To complete it, register on the Prometheus website.
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