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$1,000 is given to charity projects every day: how to get it

If you have a project aimed at supporting prosperity, growth and goodness, apply for a daily grant of $1,000.

The Time of Change Development Center informs about the Pollination Project. 365 days a year, they finance useful projects within the "Daily Grants" project. 1,000 dollars are allocated for each project.

  • Where the program operates: throughout the territory of Ukraine.

  • Deadline: none, because the program runs throughout the year.

Charitable projects can receive funding in the amount of $1,000 / Image from the website of the Time of Change Development Center

Topics of projects that can win funding

  • protection of animals;

  • community and education development;

  • human and planet health;

  • justice and dignity.

Other requirements for projects:

  • they should serve charity, not personal goals;

  • your organization has not received such a grant before;

  • the total budget of the project is from 10,000 dollars.

Learn more about this opportunity at the link.



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