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A job search site for Ukrainians has been set up in France

The Federation of French Entrepreneurs has promised to offer 10,000 jobs to Ukrainian refugees by the end of June. About 600 companies across the country will be involved in the initiative. Contracts will include language assistance and supplementary health insurance.

Some regions have announced their own initiatives to help Ukrainian refugees: in Brittany, AJI Environnement and Alter are ready to provide Ukrainians with 60 temporary contracts for the care of gardens and parks. In the south of France, Eurêka intérim is looking for Ukrainians for construction and agriculture.

Free French lessons for Ukrainian refugees are offered by both non-governmental organizations such as France Terre d’Asile and the City Hall, as well as the Office of Immigration and Integration.

Meanwhile, the Franco-Swiss HR company has already launched a website in Ukrainian, where you can find vacancies for IDPs.

"The world is shocked and saddened by the news of the escalation in Ukraine. We understand how difficult it is for Ukrainians and their families at this time, and we are trying to do everything in our power to help them."

The website can be used to apply for a vacancy free of charge, quickly and conveniently, providing all the necessary information in the appropriate fields (you will be called immediately after applying). Companies looking for employees can also leave applications.



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