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All funds will be donated to treatment: a charity evening will be held in Vinnytsia

A charity evening will be held in Vinnytsia on July 16.

All collected funds will be transferred to the treatment of Vitaly Kabluchko, who was injured on July 14, 2022 in the center of Vinnytsia as a result of a rocket attack.

We remind you that on July 14, the terrorist country Russia once again committed a terrorist attack, hitting the city of Vinnytsia with a barrage of cruise missiles

Everyone rushed to help the wounded / Photo: National Police of Ukraine

As a result of a rocket attack on the city center, 23 people died, including 3 children. 183 victims sought medical help, 82 of them were hospitalized. Among the injured are 4 children.
8 people are still considered missing.
Today, July 15, Vinnytsia is in mourning. Sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.
Russia, we will not forget and we will not forgive. Never.
This is reported by the National Police of Ukraine.

Consequences of a rocket attack on Vinnytsia / Source: State Emergency Service

Everyone is invited to a charity concert - the funds will go to the treatment of Vitaliy Kabluchko, who was injured during the rocket attack

Charity evening, during which funds will be collected for the treatment of our friend Vitaly Kabluchko, who was injured on 14.07.22 in the center of our city. - specified on the page Beer&Blues Art Pub - restaurant/pub-brewery in the city of Vinnytsia.

It is reported that music will be played in the "acoustic" format at the event.

Musicians from the city of Vinnytsia who will take part:

Darina Zabeelina (vocals) @daarina_official_

Nick Komissarenko (vocals, guitar) @nick_komissarenko

Konstantin Aleksych (percussion) @aleksych_drummer

Dmytro Pautkin (keys) @_pautkin_

Vlad Hnatovsky (vocals) @pevunchik_vlad

Vera Maiboroda (vocals)

Oksana Slavna (vocals)

Oleksandr Veritelnikov (double bass)

Vlad Destin (acoustic guitar) @vlad.destin

Vadim Kurileh (vocals, guitar) @vadimkurileh


✔️ July 16 / Saturday

⌚️ 19:00



Entrance: 🎫 UAH 150


📞 tel. 0674307540

📍 str. 600th anniversary, 60

It was on July 14 that the concert of Oleg Skrypka and Vopli Vidopliassova was planned, which was organized by Vitaly Kabluchko in Vinnytsia

Vitaly Kabluchko BEFORE the terrorist attack in Vinnytsia / Source: Facebook

10 minutes that saved a life.
The concert of the legendary Vopli Vidopliassova was supposed to take place in Vinnytsia. By a strange coincidence, the group was delayed, and this saved them... Early today, the fascist herd attacked the center of Vinnytsia. Many people died and were injured.
Among them were two boys who helped bands, organized performances among the military and collected funds for the support of the Armed Forces. Vitalij Kabluchko - Vitalij VinRock is in intensive care, he is being operated on. Viktor Polishchuk died.
We will never forgive!!! Victory is ours! Everything will be Ukraine! - writes journalist Yaroslav Kondratenko.

Also asks to help loved ones, if possible.

Map of Drobotun Tetiana (wife of Vitaly Kabluchko): 5168 7451 0641 6875

Map of Olena Shvets (wife of the deceased Viktor Polishchuk) 5168 7450 1848 8657


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