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"Despite the terrible injuries did not lose strength of spirit" - need help for rehabilitation

The courage and dedication of the Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine made it possible to stop the Russian invasion. It is respected and admired all over the world. However, even the bravest warriors are, unfortunately, mortal.

The war continues, soldiers sacrifice on the front line the most precious thing - their health and lives.

Lviv residents and all concerned are asked to help Mykhailo Varvarych, a serviceman of the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with funds for treatment and rehabilitation. The paratrooper was wounded in the line of duty, lost two legs and injured his arm.

"The paratrooper's life was saved, but unfortunately he lost two legs and suffered a severe arm injury. Now the soldier who defended Ukraine from the occupiers will have a long treatment and rehabilitation. Despite such horrible injuries, Mykhailo has not lost his strength of spirit, optimism, he hopes that in a while he will walk, but, of course, on prostheses, ”a separate assault brigade said on page 80.

The money can be sent to the cards of the mother of the soldier Galina Varvarych:

Oshchadbank : 5167 8030 5292 7873

Privatbank : 4149 4999 9058 6503



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