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We visited defenders in Donetsk region and Zaporizhzhia

Our charitable foundation "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" together with volunteer friends made another trip to the frontline areas.

This time we visited 10 locations, most of them military. A detailed report can be viewed on the page of volunteer Yuriy Stepanenko.

Report from a trip to Donetsk region and Zaporizhzhia / Photo by Yury Stepanenko

"Every fifteen-minute meeting turns into an hour-long conversation. I want to exchange words with everyone", – Yuriy shares.

See the photo report from the trip / Photo by Yury Stepanenko

Friends! Our military wards from the REB 14 BrOP platoon need a spectroanalyzer to detect drones. Join the gathering! You can donate any comfortable amount to Monobank.



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