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An ancient monastery in Poland welcomes Ukrainian refugees

A 17th-century monastery in Poland became a place of refuge for refugees and orphans from Ukraine.

Twin monasteries

Ukrainian refugees will be accommodated in the Polish city of Węgrów. This is reported by the resource EU Neigbours East.

"Twin monasteries" is the name of the Polish-Ukrainian project. It unites two religious institutions – in Polish city of Węgrów and Ukrainian Rava-Ruska.

The monastery in Rava-Ruska, which became the "twin" of the Polish monastery / Photo

The city of Węgrów is located in the East of Poland, in the Masovian Voivodeship. The city stands on the banks of the Livets River. Almost 13 thousand inhabitants live here.

The ancient building was restored

The monastery in Vengruv was built in the 17th century. It was founded by Count Jan Kazimierz Krasinski.

On June 2, 2022, restoration and revitalization work was completed in the monastery. 2.3 million euros were needed to restore the monastery in Węgrów.

These funds were allocated by the European Union within the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

The monastery was recently restored / Photo by Marcin Gołębiewski

Within the framework of the project, the Center for the Dialogue of Cultures was created in Węgrów – in the premises of the monastery. In Rava-Ruska (Lviv region) on the territory of the monastery, a Ukrainian-Polish cultural dialogue center and a family-type children's orphan were created.

Revitalization is the process of restoring abandoned buildings and spaces. Such buildings are mainly transformed into various hubs, cultural and tourist projects. Source: Wikipedia

The monastery became a center of humanitarian aid

Since 2016, the parish in Węgrów has been helping Poles living in the Lviv Diocese. In 2022, the monastery in Węgrów became a point where humanitarian aid was provided to refugees from Ukraine.

Refugees and orphans can find shelter here / Photo by Marcin Gołębiewski

Now the ancient monastery works as a residence for those fleeing the war zone. Orphans from Eastern Ukraine are also accepted there.

You can find more information about the project, as well as the contacts of the monastery in Węgrów, on the website.

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