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Are you looking for support or ready to help? Website for Ukrainian refugees in Poland was created

The Polish government has created a specialized website that will help coordinate the actions of volunteers, the authorities and help those fleeing the war.

The #PomagamUkrainie site is intended for both refugees and those who wish to help.

The Polish government has created a resource for refugees and volunteers / Screenshot

If you need help

The resource "I help Ukraine" is available in 4 languages: Ukrainian, Polish, English and Russian.

Refugees from Ukraine are asked to answer a few simple questions to find out what kind of help they need. You also need to fill out a simple form – it will be sent to the appropriate department that provides assistance.

Those who need help can choose from various categories / Screenshot

Also on the site you can find information about:

  • transport,

  • places for children

  • useful job search links.

If you are ready to become a volunteer

On the site, you can offer help with products, useful things, housing, etc. You can also offer your services as a volunteer.

The site cooperates with individuals, companies, local authorities and self-governments, as well as with non-governmental organizations.

There are separate sections for volunteers on the website / Screenshot

You can help not only on the territory of Poland, but also in Ukraine.

In order to become a volunteer, you need to register on the #PomagamUkrainie website and leave your contact details.

A list of the necessary

Also, on the newly created resource, you can find lists of services and resources that refugees currently need. In addition, there are account numbers for donations.

On the site you can find out how to help financially, materially or physically / Screenshot


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