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Law for refugees in Poland could change: what awaits Ukrainians

Amendments are planned to the special law on assistance to Ukrainian citizens in Poland. This should happen at the end of November.

The rules of stay in Poland will change for Ukrainian refugees / Unsplash photo

The resource informs about the innovation. The authors of the draft law claim that amendments to the legislation are necessary to "adapt it to today's realities." What will change?

1. They can allow "automatic" extension of the validity period of the residence permit.

Currently, refugees who have been in Poland for more than 9 months must apply for an extension of their residence permit.

2. They want to introduce a fee for accommodation in places of collective accommodation.

From the new year, those who are able to support their families will have to pay half of the cost of living. It will last for 3 months. If after 3 months the refugees cannot find a job, rent an apartment and leave the center, then they will have to pay 100% of the cost of living.

Ukrainians will have to pay for accommodation in refugee centers / Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

3. The government wants to freeze social benefits for people who are not in Poland every day

Those who receive social benefits in Poland, but work or stay almost permanently in another country, will not be able to claim social benefits.

"We want benefits to be received by people who really live here, work and function in our society. If such a person leaves our country and returns after some time, the procedure of the relevant department will find out whether he is actually in Poland a longer period of time, or at the moment the center of her life is actually in Ukraine", – reported Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Pavel Shefernaker.


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