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Funds from concerts were spent on medicine for defenders: report

Non-governmental organization Pangeya Ultima and YouthFutureUA continue to support Ukrainian defenders. We spent part of the funds collected during charity concerts of the band "Zhenya and Katya" on medicine for the army.

Purchased medicines / Photo by YouthFutureUA

Since winter is coming, it is getting colder and colder – Ukrainian soldiers are getting colds, acute respiratory infections, etc. more and more often, we received a request for medicines against these diseases.

A total of 14,232 hryvnias were spent on medicines. We will hand over all medicines to the unit of the Armed Forces, which is "at zero point".

Medicines for the army / Photo by YouthFutureUA

For more information on the purchase of medicines, see the gallery:

We remind you that we held 13 charity concerts in support of the army. The group "Zhenya and Katya" sang in Vinnytsia, and the audience was the audience in various European countries: France, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, etc.


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