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Dream and achieve: a program for migrant women who want to start a business

Currently, registration is open for participants of the "Dream and Achieve" program, which was implemented by the organizations Impact Force and UN Women Ukraine / UN Women in Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

UN Women Ukraine reports that registration for the program has started.

  • Deadline: registration will be open until June 30 inclusive.

  • Link to registration.

Online business development program for resettled women / Image of UN Women Ukraine

What are they offering?

The program is relevant for resettled women in Ukraine and Poland. In the course of the program, they plan to cover the key aspects of creating and developing an online business.

Also, the program will be useful for those who already have an online business and want to achieve its growth.

What will be studied

The selected female candidates will study the following processes in the online academy:

  • how to build an online business from scratch

  • how to go from offline to online,

  • how to develop your own brands on the Internet,

  • how to find an audience and new customers, sales markets.

80 displaced women or refugees from Ukraine due to the war will be selected for the program. Registration is open until 23:00 on June 30, 2023.


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