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Free classes in yoga, English, a movie club and meetings with a psychologist are offered to women

The Support and Recovery Center operates in Vinnytsia. Its services are free – all willing women and girls can use them.

A women's support center operates in Vinnytsia / Unsplash photo

What are they offering?

Women's film club

The Women's Film Club operates in the center, where you can not only watch films, but also discuss them, enjoy communication and the atmosphere. The women's film club is a kind of safe space where you can have fun.

You can discuss films not only among yourselves, but also with a psychologist.

English language classes

Classes are available for those with a beginner and intermediate level of knowledge. Classes take place in the form of a conversation club.

Sports activities

Fitness and joint gymnastics/yoga classes take place in the center. There are carpets in the club, so you can not take them from home.

Address of the center: Vinnytsia city, 40A Rodion Skaletskyi street.

Schedule of upcoming events at the Support and Recovery Center / Photo Support and Recovery Center

Art therapy and more

For mental recovery, women and girls are offered to attend art therapy, public speaking and acting classes, get to know themselves with the help of metaphorical associative maps (MAK) and fairy-tale therapy, spend time with a psychologist, take part in the "Emotional Intelligence" training, etc.

All classes at the center are open to women and free of charge. Subscribe to the Support and Recovery Center channel in Telegram. Look for the schedule of upcoming events here.

"You can contact the Center for individual psychosocial and legal counseling. You can also join classes in public speaking and acting, yoga and joint gymnastics classes. Feel comfortable and safe with us", – emphasized in the center.


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