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Free French lessons in Mons

POLYAC, the language school and the Mons Polyglot Center have launched a project of French language lessons for Ukrainian refugees in collaboration with CPAS and the city of Mons. These lessons are free and run by local volunteer trainers. These are intensive classes for children and adults (in separate groups).

According to the French Office of Immigration and Integration, more than 70,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in France since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Free housing, schools and kindergartens are available for IDPs. However, language can be a big barrier in a foreign country, including job search. Realizing this, NGOs are creating opportunities for free learning of French.

"French is a difficult language, but after the first lesson Ukrainian students begin to study it with great enthusiasm. On the second day we can see that progress is being made thanks to a special teaching method. By the end of the week students can have a short conversation.

Almost a hundred Ukrainians are already registered in 8 groups of adults and 4 groups of children. The great demand is explained by the desire of Ukrainians to adapt as soon as possible, and language is the most important means of communication and cognition.

Ukrainians, as we observe, are interested in the French language. It is important for them to learn French, because they have to live among those who speak French. Go to the store, to school, ride public transport, find a job, in short, communicate with others and thus develop, integrate. "

Training takes place in 2 main areas:

1) Education of children from 5 to 18 years

  • From 9:00 to 12:00: French lessons in small groups of one profile

  • Registration link:

  • Continuity with extracurricular courses

2) Education of adults and parents

  • French lessons during the day from 9:30 to 11:30.

  • Rhythm and schedule are specified

  • Registration link:

  • These trainings will be free and will be conducted by volunteers in the field of education.

  • Several of our teachers of French as a foreign language will be part of the coaching team.

Teachers who want to use their skills and time for the project can register at the following link:

You will also find all the information and links for registration on our website!

Rhythm and schedule are specified according to registrations.

Training is held at POLYAC, Place de Flandre 3 at 7000 Mons.

Contacts: 065 31 58 62



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