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"How are you, Vinnytsia": take a photo of your feelings this day and donate to the treatment of sold

People from Vinnytsia, there is a great opportunity to tell the world about the war, as well as make a donation for the needs of one of the Vinnytsia hospitals.

The official website of the Vinnytsia City Council reports on the campaign. Take a photo that can reflect your feelings or emotions on this day and send it to a special address by 6:00 p.m. on February 24.

The campaign aims to introduce the inhabitants of Münster to the people of Vinnytsia / Image of

How it works

On the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion, residents of Vinnytsia are invited to shoot short videos or take photos that will show how you live, what you do and what you think about on this day.

For a photo or video, residents and businesses of the German city of Münster will send funds to a special account. A donation of 10 euros is promised for each photo.

All funds will be directed to the needs of one of Vinnytsia hospitals. "We will purchase and hand over medical equipment for wound healing to one of the Vinnytsia hospitals" – the organizers of the action emphasize.

Send materials to a mailbox

Everyone can send up to 3 photos or one short video. All submitted images will be published on the project's official website. They will also be shown on large screens in the festival hall of the city hall.

City of Münster / Photo from Wikipedia

Who came up with the idea

The author of the campaign was the German artist Thomas Nufer. A man already implemented something similar in 2021 in the Israeli city of Rishon LeZion.

This time, he offers the following Life-acquaintance with the people of Vinnytsia. The mayor of Münster and the Ukrainian community of this city helped the artist in this.

"In recent years, I have focused more and more on stories about difficult topics, in particular from the social sphere. After the end of the Yugoslav war, I wrote and staged a musical called "Sarajevo Love" about the almost four-year siege of the city of Sarajevo. 25 years have passed since that time. Now in Europe is at war again. Helping people is close to my heart. I really hope that the records from Vinnytsia will start a lively dialogue between the residents of both cities. Because who knows the people in Vinnytsia, who knows how they live, how they feel? The records are something like a door . On February 24, 2023, we will be very close!", – said Thomas Nufer.

Munster continues to help

The community of the city of Münster has already sent a humanitarian cargo worth about 105,000 euros to Vinnytsia. This is reported in the Vinnytsia City Council.

"In the near future, a delegation from the Vinnytsia City Council will go to Münster. The Vinnytsia-Münster partnership agreement will be signed there. The joint declaration of the cities of Münster and Lublin will be signed separately. Thus, we will have a tripartite partnership", – they add there.


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