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How journalists can get 4,000 euros for a trip abroad

Those working in the media sector can apply for a grant and win money for international mobility. Apply and attend a professional event in the EU or UK.

This was reported by the House of Europe resource.

What can be obtained

Up to 4000 euros. You can spend these funds on housing, tickets, accommodation, meals, visas, insurance, and also purchase entrance tickets to events.

Ukrainian journalists can receive a grant for a trip abroad / Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

The grant enables journalists and media persons to:

  • attend conferences and trainings,

  • carry out research and present one's own achievements,

  • work on projects independently or together with foreign colleagues,

  • etc.

Who can apply?

This scholarship is for:

  • managers, editors and journalists of local and regional media;

  • journalists writing about culture;

  • journalists writing about the economy;

  • fact-checkers and investigative journalists.

How to apply

  • It is worth reading the compass guide and submitting the form on the online platform.

  • Application deadline: Friday, October 13, 2023 at 3 p.m. Kyiv time.

  • You must travel between December 15, 2023 and June 15, 2024.


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