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Temporary protection for Ukrainians in the EU can be extended until 2025

The European Commission proposed to extend the temporary protection for Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression for another year.

This was reported by the information resource EU Neighbors East.

What awaits Ukrainians

Temporary protection of Ukrainians can be extended for another year / Photo by EU Neighbors East

The European Commission proposed to extend the term of protection from March 4, 2024 to March 3, 2025. After all, according to the European Commission, more than 4 million Ukrainian refugees currently live in Europe.

"This will provide certainty and support for more than 4 million people who benefit from protection in the EU", – reported in the European Commission.

Europe believes that the situation in Ukraine is still unstable, so Ukrainians still need additional protection.

We remind you that the decision to grant temporary protection to Ukrainians was made on March 4, 2022. Then it was automatically extended for a year, and now it is proposed to extend it again.


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