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Europeans "donated" more than 200 buses to Ukrainian children

The EU handed over a batch of transport for the safe delivery of Ukrainian children to schools.

This was reported by the EU Neighbors East resource.

The EU provides Ukraine with school buses for the safe delivery of children to school / Photo by EU Neighbors East

Today, 214 school buses have already been sent to Ukraine. The EU makes sure that schoolchildren travel to school safely.

Interestingly, countries collected donations in the form of buses. Eleven EU member states "donated" transport: France, Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Austria and the Czech Republic.

In addition, 14 million euros were allocated for the purchase of buses.

The campaign has been going on for a year

The solidarity company, which aims to transfer school buses to Ukraine, was launched in November 2022.

This initiative became part of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Within the framework of this mechanism, Ukrainians were provided with a lot of vital support: they delivered equipment to shelters and hospitals, food, ambulances, fire engines, etc.



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