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The EU is launching a new wave of support for Ukrainian enterprises

Within the framework of the EU4Business Facility program, the European Union will support small and medium-sized enterprises in the countries of the Eastern Partnership: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The third phase of the program is currently being launched. This was reported by the EU Neighbors East resource.

In 2021, 78,045 businesses were supported under the EU4Business initiative. This provided an additional income of 2.03 billion euros and contributed to the creation of 66,678 new jobs.

Small and medium-sized Ukrainian businesses can receive EU support / Photo by EU Neighbors East

The initiative is managed by GOPA Worldwide Consultants, a German development consulting company.

The main goal of the initiative is to improve the coordination of EU4Business projects and to attract key partners: among them entrepreneurs, state institutions, educational institutions and others.

What is this initiative for:

  • To increase the number of investments;

  • to improve social and economic conditions in the country;

  • to increase employment opportunities;

  • to increase the income of private entrepreneurs;

  • to support women entrepreneurs;

  • to support young entrepreneurs;

  • to support the "green transition" of business.

Learn more about current opportunities on the EU4Business website.


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