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How much longer can you live in the EU: the rules for Ukrainian refugees have been updated

The European Commission adopted a new decision regarding Ukrainian refugees. They will have the right to live in Europe at least until March 2024.

Ukrainian refugees will be able to live and work in the EU until 2024. This was reported by Euronews.

Europe continues measures to provide Ukrainians with temporary protection.

Importantly! Now refugees who want to return to Ukraine will not lose their right to temporary protection.

This was announced by Ylva Johansson, European Commissioner for Internal Affairs.

"Many Ukrainians who came and asked for temporary protection are now returning home. They would like to rebuild their country, and I welcome that", – noted Ilva Johanson.

Many people do not know whether to go to Ukraine or not, because they are afraid of losing the status of temporary protection. People hesitate because they are not sure if they will have to flee again.

That is why the EU made a decision: Ukrainian refugees may not deregister before going home. You only need to notify the relevant authorities that you are going home.

Ukrainian refugees will now not lose their temporary protection status even if they return home / Photo by Guillaume Périgois / Unsplash

Job search application was launched

Another positive news for Ukrainian refugees is that the EU Talent Pool job search application has been launched in Europe.

Here, anyone with temporary protection can register, upload a resume and talk about their skills. Verified employers will have access to your profile.

*Main photo by Markus Spiske | Unsplash

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