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How refugees can find work online: a new site has been launched in Europe

A new online job search tool has been created in the EU. It aims to help Ukrainian refugees find work.

A site for Ukrainians

The EU Neighbors publication reports on the new resource.

Initiative EU Talent Pool created for people who left Ukraine due to Russian aggression.

Persons who have received the right to temporary protection in EU countries can create their own profile on the website and upload a resume.

Job search across the EU

Profiles can be viewed by more than 4,000 employers. Representatives of national state employment services and private employment agencies are present in the system.

More than 4,000 employers will be featured on the site / Unsplash photo

The initiative is implemented through the EURES portal, which is managed by the European Labor Office. This job search portal brings together national employment services, private employment agencies and employers across the EU.

*Main photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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