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How to overcome panic attacks, anxiety, stress: a series of short videos was created for Ukrainians

The EU and UNDP launched an information campaign about the mental health of Ukrainians. A series of helpful videos is now available on YouTube.

A series of short videos tells Ukrainians how to experience difficult emotional states / Screenshot from the video

The EU NeighborEast reports on the launch of the "Better to know about" information campaign.

Psychological support is no less important than material support

The war has a considerable impact on the mental health of Ukrainians, so it is necessary to attract considerable resources to support and restore it.

Mental support is no less important than material / Screenshot from the video

The European Union claims that supporting the mental health of Ukrainians is no less important than humanitarian aid.

"We can already see that long-term strategies of qualified psychological support will be needed to support victims of the war in Ukraine and minimize the consequences for mental health", says Frederik Koune, head of the cooperation department of the EU Representation in Ukraine

Videos are now available on Youtube

The project includes a series of activities, including the creation of short videos that will help support yourself and your loved ones in a critical situation.

Here you can find videos on how to cope with grief, overcome anxiety, stress. Useful exercises are also available to stabilize the psycho-emotional state.

From the video you can learn simple exercises to stabilize the condition / Screenshot from the video

Some videos:

Find more useful videos here. Videos are available in Ukrainian with English subtitles.



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