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How to win a grant to create or develop your own business

The "Own business" grant program from the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine gives every Ukrainian an opportunity to receive funds for entrepreneurial activity.

The "Own business" Instagram account reports about a useful opportunity.

Who is this program for?

You can receive a grant:

  • individual;

  • legal entity;

  • individual entrepreneur.

You can apply for a grant on the official website "Your Own Business" or in "Actions" / Photo Unsplash

What grants can be received

  • up to 75 thousand hryvnias

Under the condition of this grant, you need to register as an FOP. The grant is available exclusively to individuals.

  • up to 150 thousand hryvnias

Under the condition of this grant, it is necessary to create at least 1 workplace.

  • up to 250 thousand grants

Those who receive this grant must create 2 jobs.

What are the other conditions?

You should:

  • pay the necessary taxes and fees to the budget;

  • use funds according to the business plan;

  • work for 3 years.

You can submit an application on the official website of the "Own business" program or in "Action".



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