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Japan: free evacuation for Ukrainian refugees

The Japanese Sarasa Association, in cooperation with a number of companies and enterprises, aims to provide temporary support to Ukrainians affected by the war.

Members of the organization meet refugees from Ukraine / Photo: Sarasa Association

Who can count on Japan's support?

Assistance is provided only to women and children. It is necessary to send a resume and an explanation of the circumstances (what city are you from, do all family members have foreign passports, etc.). The site says that admissions are suspended, but all applications are being processed.

Support :

  • Payment for air tickets to Japan;

  • Payment for accommodation in Japan (Sarasa hotel);

  • Food costs in Japan;

  • Provision of smartphones and communication costs;

  • Intermediation in the search for work in Japan;

  • Support in education, adjustment of the educational process for children;

  • Payment for air tickets to Ukraine;

  • Unforeseen living expenses not specified above.

"This organization was created in February 2022 to protect Ukrainians who suffered from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was created with a strong desire to protect the lives of displaced Ukrainians from the devastating war and help them rebuild their lives," the organization notes.

Association support step by step:

Step 1. Departure from Ukraine due to the war

They organize a flight to Japan for Ukrainians who are in Turkey or in neighboring countries, such as Poland, Moldova, Romania.

If you are currently in Ukraine, you will need to get to the above countries on your own.

Step 2. Residence in Japan

Upon arrival in Japan, you will stay temporarily at the Sarasa Hotel in Osaka.

*During the stay, the organization covers all expenses for accommodation, meals, as well as expenses for smartphones, communication, WIFI.

Step 3. Setting up life in Japan

You will be provided with assistance in obtaining a visa for one year. Support will also be provided in finding a job and setting up the educational process for children.

The Association's activities are aimed at providing only temporary shelter and assistance. Therefore, the displaced persons will need to get a job in order to be able to provide for their life in Japan in the future.

That is, a job must be found after arriving in Japan in the period from 1 to 3 months.

They will also help you apply for various types of assistance provided by the Japanese government and local administrations in Japan.

Step 4. After the end of the war

When the war is over and there is peace in Ukraine, the organization will cover the plane costs of Ukrainians who arrived in Japan using the help of this Association, if they want to return.

You can fill out the form for evacuation to Japan and learn more about the program HERE.

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