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Learn IT professions for free: Ukrainian women are offered training programs

Ukrainian women can learn technological professions for free. This opportunity is provided by the Women Go Tech organization.

Media Vector reports on an interesting opportunity for Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian women can learn new professions for free / Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

What are they offering

Women can get into a free professional mentoring program, as well as take a series of remote classes.

Who are Women Go Tech

This is a Lithuanian organization that has been developing various mentoring programs for women since 2017. Program participants are offered to master professions in the field of engineering and IT.

This year, the organization won a grant from Google and offers training programs for Ukrainian women. Those who live in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian women who have gone to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, can take part.

25,000 women from Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will take part in the training program.

How to get into the program

The program is free for Ukrainian women who live in their homeland and in EU countries.

Within the program, there will be 2 series of classes: the mentoring program "Acceleration Program" and remote classes "Discovery Program". Languages of classes: Ukrainian, Polish, Czech and English.

You can register for the program by following the link.


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