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Material support from UNICEF - who can get it

UNICEF, together with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, is launching a multi-purpose financial assistance program for vulnerable families with children affected by the war and in need of financial support.

Families belonging to one of two groups can receive 2,220 hryvnias:

  1. Have three or more children under the age of 18, of which at least one child has not reached the age of two;

  2. Have two or more children, of which at least one is a child with a disability.

Funds can be received for up to five people. Payment is made once every three months.

To receive social assistance, you must apply on the official UNICEF website. The statement should include information about all family members, provide documentary evidence of the family's affiliation to certain categories, and an IBAN bank account number.

Applications undergo 2 stages of verification:

  1. Technical selection, ie checking that all required data are available without errors. If you pass the technical selection, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Read more:

  2. Next, the selected applications are checked for compliance with the criteria of the program. If your family qualifies for the program, you will be eligible for assistance. After the money transfer, you will receive an SMS to confirm receipt of payment.

Pay attention! Registration for the UNICEF Joint Cash Assistance Program will be suspended at 14:00 on 6 June and resumed on 15 June.

If you meet the program criteria but have not yet registered, you will be able to do so from June 15.

The family will receive a one-time payment to the specified bank account or debit card within four weeks.

Hotline for inquiries 0 800 600 017 (free of charge, open daily from 8:00 to 22:00)

In the future, the list of requirements for participants may be changed, and the list of categories - expanded, follow the updates on the official website



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