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More than 700 Ukrainian refugees will find work in Lithuania

Hundreds of refugees from Ukraine will be given jobs in Lithuania. Preference will be given to women.

The jobs will be provided by the leading Maxima retail chain operating in Europe. This was reported by the EU Neighbors East resource.

The European Bank is helping

Refugees from Ukraine are employed thanks to the help of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The European chain of Maxima stores has already employed about 500 Ukrainians / Photo EBRD

Maxima Grupė is the company that owns the Maxima chain of retail stores. The network operates in Poland, the Baltic states, including Lithuania. Maxima became one of the first companies that offered jobs to Ukrainian refugees.

Currently, the company employs about 500 forced migrants who left Ukraine due to Russian aggression. The company undertook to employ an additional 720 people.

There are more women among the refugees

It is planned that the vast majority of future employees will be women.

More than 700 Ukrainian refugees will be employed within the framework of the support program / Photo by iStock

In order to support the Maxima network, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development purchased the company's bonds worth 72 million euros.

In total, the EBRD plans an aid package worth 2 billion euros. These funds will be used to support the economy of Ukraine and other states affected by Russia's war against Ukraine.

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